Friday, February 5

Planners and a Project Life Page

Hey, it's Friday!! We made it to the weekend! Amen!
How many of you use a planner? I have owned a planner for decades but have never dolled them up. I have used Day Timers for work, Lang Calendar Planners for everyday life. Last year I used a Webster's Pages Personal Color Crush Planner and I loved it but felt it was a bit small. This year I wanted something a bit bigger so I currently have a Webster's Pages Color Crush Teal Striped A5 Planner. I like the larger format - so much more room to document everyday life. Recently I have been eyeing Christy Tomlinson's The Planner Society Kits over on Instagram. I took the plunge and subscribed to both the planner and sticker kits. These kits seriously make planner decorating a breeze. I'm finding that I can practically fill my Webster's Pages Planner with blog posts schedules and DT deadlines and decided that another separate planner would help keep my personal life more organized. Enter the Day Designer Flagship Planner. This is a coil bound style and I love the structured format. Christy's kits are so generous that I have plenty of product to decorate BOTH planners and I even made a Project Life Page with the leftovers. I plan on doing this each month. Before I show you some planners pics, here's my PL page with January 2016 TPS Kit.
Here's the title card using a post-it note, stickers, die cut, and puffy stickers from January's TPS Kit.
I printed my photos with the Collect App.
 I used a circle punch and vellum to decorate one of the cards.
 here's the last few cards
Below is a pic of my Webster's Pages A5 Planner - isn't it a beauty?!  
I need to figure out the best way to photograph my planner pages - the planners don't fit opened in my photo light box so please excuse the photo quality of these few pics of my decorated planners. I'm still finding my "planner style" but the journey will be fun! This is my Webster's Pages A5 Planner.
Here's a pic of a decorated page in my Day Designer Planner.
I love that the hours are broken down in this planner - so much more room for organizing appointments.
So, if you are looking for a great Planner Kit check out The Planner Society Kits. The community is wonderful, helpful and supportive with tons of inspiration, especially if you are new to planner decorating! Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend. I'll be back soon with more crafty projects!

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