Sunday, May 31

Capturing the Everyday !!

Well, I've just returned home from a walk - I'm WAY overdue to get back into the exercise mode !! As much as I Love a good breeze on a walk, I think I ingested about a pound and a half of pollen, some of which went through my eyes !! Not my season ... after the oak goes I'm sooooo much better !! Thank goodness for Allegra D !!!!!

So a few pictures of the everyday as promised ... some pics of my planters on my lovely new deck (that is now covered in pollen AGAIN) ... all the planters were done by my talented Mom and the large planter was a cool find at Home Goods for $10.00 !! Enjoy the day ... I desperately need to shower off this pollen and try to relax before the hectic work week !! TFL !!!
Deck & plantersDeck & planters (4) Deck & planters (3) Deck & planters (2) Deck & planters (1) 

Saturday, May 30


I was reminded today that I haven't posted much !! I really do try ... juggling a fulltime job, family, friends and, of course, scrapping can be a challenge - as we all know - and blogging sometimes takes a backseat !! I feel like I need a recently completed layout or some awesome pics before I blog, but I can also blog the every day - like scrapping !! So, I am going to make a HUGE effort to blog more, even if I don't have anything earth-shattering to share !! 

This is pretty incredible though ... 
My Gram will be turning 97 on Monday, so we went to dinner today and my Mom made her a lovely cake.
97 is amazing to me and I hope I follow in her footsteps !! Here is the gorgeous cake and my lovely, always stylish Gram:  
Gram's 97th (1) Gram's 97th (2) Gram's 97th Gram 97 3 Happy Birthday Gram !! Love you !!

Before Gram's celebration, my Mom and I went to Home Depot. We picked out paint for my bathroom and thanks to a sweet lady in the paint department we got a gallon of high end $35.00/gallon gorgeous paint (that was returned by an unhappy customer because it wasn't mixed well) for $5.00 !! We looked at grout - didn't realize how many grout colors there are ... and looked at lighting. No choices were made on those items - still looking. We did pick out some gorgeous flowers. We did a few more planters for my deck and I'll take some pics of them tomorrow in better light than I had tonight !! I also bought a really cool mirror for the new bathroom at Home Goods - LOVE it there !! 

I finished and submitted a layout for a Guest Designer Contest - my second attempt - I'll know around June 15th !! A new sketch will be released for Inspired Blueprints June 1st and I LOVE the page I did for this sketch - so stay tuned !! Well, it was a great day and I'm so glad I was able to celebrate my Gram's special day !! Have a great rest of the weekend !!!

Monday, May 25


A  gorgeous Memorial Day !! Hope you were able to enjoy the lovely weather !!

I have been a bad scrapper of late ... my focus has been on plantings, the house and bathroom - which is in stall mode (no pun intended) due to vacations, holidays and, oh yah, my vanity that arrived DAMAGED - how frustrating ... had to order a new one and keep my fingers crossed !! Hopefully that will be the only set-back.
Then, at the end of June I'll have a new slider and 2 new windows in my loft and that'll be it for home improvements this year. 
Almost done with the scraproom - I took the desk apart and hauled it upstairs and reassembled it and I just ordered a new T.V. stand for the room. The new windows will be in this room (in the loft) and then I'll get some new curtains. The walls need painting but the ceiling was painted a few years ago and looks good. New flooring would be awesome but it's not in the budget right now !! 
Well, I hope the weekend was great for everyone and I'll post a new LO soon from Inspired Blueprints !!
Thanks to all the Veterans who fought to keep us safe !! 

Sunday, May 17

Sunday Evening Reveal !!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. My bathroom work was delayed this weekend !!  So, today, hours were spent in Lowe's making faucet, sink, mirror, lighting and flooring choices !! I FINALLY chose a beautiful porcelin tile that should compliment my granite countertop well. I also picked out gorgeous oil brush bronze finished accessories and I hope to match a faucet to this. So many choices for a fairly average-sized bathroom !!! It'll so be worth it though ~~

Another fabulous sketch has been revealed at Inspired Blueprints !! This was so fun and I love the color combo I chose to highlight the pictures of Miss Lilly !! I'm really loving pearl accents lately - they are so pretty on a girly page !! Please visit the gallery at IB and check out all the wonderful talent !! Here is the sketch and my take on it ... TFL and have a great day !!

Garden girl

Thursday, May 14

A Rainy Thursday !!

Hope everyone's week is going well.

Last week I mentioned that I submitted a layout to enter a June Guest Designer contest. Well, I didn't get it but I love the page I did and I will definitely give it another try next month !! Wish me luck for my second attempt in July !!
Look for a new really fun sketch to be released at Inspired Blueprints soon !! Their gallery is AMAZING with so much talent from all over the world !! It is always interesting to see everyone's interpretation of a sketch ... I'm often saying, WOW, I never would have thought of that !! So cool!!! 
So lots going on this weekend - work starting on the upstairs bathroom, window company coming to measure windows and slider for replacement !! This is a year of rennovations - hopefully more to follow !!
My scraproom is coming along - I moved it from the finished basement, a great open but dark space, to my loft and even greater space with lots of natural light !! I'll post photos of it soon - my desk still needs to make the journey up 3 flight of stairs !! So I'll leave you with my page submission based on a pagemaps sketch ... TFL !!!!!

Sketch for bpm june 09 gd (2) Outforpub

Saturday, May 9

Wishing all Mom's a Happy Day !!

Today my Mom and I went to "That Bloomin' Place" to buy some flowers to decorate our planters - and apparently EVERYONE had the same idea !!! What a zoo !! With a little patience we managed the crowds and we bought a variety of pretty little flowers !! I now have three gorgeous planters full of beautiful little flowers - can't wait to watch them grow !!

I've been working on my bathroom - getting it prepped for painting ...  taking down all the towel racks, pictures, etc. ... next  I will be spackling ALL the holes !! ( YIKES !! )  I picked out a GORGEOUS piece of granite for the vanity top - a remnant from a former neighbor of ours !! The vanity is due in a few weeks. The tough decision of paint color and flooring is next on the "to do" list.

I submitted a layout for a Guest Designer position - I'll know by next week - wish me luck !! 
I'm going to sign off with a picture of a gorgeous tree in a cemetary near my Mom's house ! The picture doesn't do the tree justice - it is beautiful !! Enjoy the rest of the weekend !!!


Monday, May 4

Such a GREAT weekend !!!

What a FUN weekend - National Scrapbooking Day at RAH !! Fun with friends, great prizes, awesome food and I actually did some work as well !! I finished a page for Inspired Blueprints, which will be revealed in June, took a great frame project class with the very talented  Danielle Flanders and finished a few other projects !! We had a great time and it's always good to connect with friends who are as crazy as me about this wonderful hobby !! Thanks everyone for a great time and a much needed boost to my spirits !!

Saturday, May 2

A New Month ... A New Sketch !!!

   April was a blast at Inspired Blueprints with a crazy, FUN sketch bonanza !! Gauche Alchemy was our super cool sponsor and we all a great time incorporating their products onto our pages !!

 Now, it's a new month and a new sketch has been revealed !! This sketch suggests using an 8 x 10 photo and after finding a good quality photo, the page just fell into place !! Joshua has been a pleasure to scrap ... his fun-loving, goofy personality makes scrapbooking a joy !!

   Here is sketch # 21 and my take on it ~~ TFL and Happy May !!!

2009sketch#21Fountain fun resized