Monday, May 25


A  gorgeous Memorial Day !! Hope you were able to enjoy the lovely weather !!

I have been a bad scrapper of late ... my focus has been on plantings, the house and bathroom - which is in stall mode (no pun intended) due to vacations, holidays and, oh yah, my vanity that arrived DAMAGED - how frustrating ... had to order a new one and keep my fingers crossed !! Hopefully that will be the only set-back.
Then, at the end of June I'll have a new slider and 2 new windows in my loft and that'll be it for home improvements this year. 
Almost done with the scraproom - I took the desk apart and hauled it upstairs and reassembled it and I just ordered a new T.V. stand for the room. The new windows will be in this room (in the loft) and then I'll get some new curtains. The walls need painting but the ceiling was painted a few years ago and looks good. New flooring would be awesome but it's not in the budget right now !! 
Well, I hope the weekend was great for everyone and I'll post a new LO soon from Inspired Blueprints !!
Thanks to all the Veterans who fought to keep us safe !! 


Sean Jacobs said...

Oooh! I hate it when deliveries go wrong! Last winter I had my new Vanity delivered broken. It was ridiculous the freight carrier was supposed to have a lift gate and they didn't. So the driver yanked it off the truck and dropped on the asphalt. Ker chunk! Ooops! The guy from Home Depot said it would take a year to get another sink like mine. Forget that, I need one now! I decided to look online and I found this gem of a Bathroom Vanity. I had it delivered 4 days later with a lift gate unmolested and undamaged! It is perfect!

aubree said...

You have some truley inspiring work here --- both layouts and photos! I just adore the one of your grandson drinking at the fountain! BTW you do NOT look old enough to have 3 grandchildren!!!

Jing-Jing said...

Hi there, Aubree sent me to your blog, we found you through BPM. You do utterly beautiful work!! very inspiring stuff!!!