Saturday, May 9

Wishing all Mom's a Happy Day !!

Today my Mom and I went to "That Bloomin' Place" to buy some flowers to decorate our planters - and apparently EVERYONE had the same idea !!! What a zoo !! With a little patience we managed the crowds and we bought a variety of pretty little flowers !! I now have three gorgeous planters full of beautiful little flowers - can't wait to watch them grow !!

I've been working on my bathroom - getting it prepped for painting ...  taking down all the towel racks, pictures, etc. ... next  I will be spackling ALL the holes !! ( YIKES !! )  I picked out a GORGEOUS piece of granite for the vanity top - a remnant from a former neighbor of ours !! The vanity is due in a few weeks. The tough decision of paint color and flooring is next on the "to do" list.

I submitted a layout for a Guest Designer position - I'll know by next week - wish me luck !! 
I'm going to sign off with a picture of a gorgeous tree in a cemetary near my Mom's house ! The picture doesn't do the tree justice - it is beautiful !! Enjoy the rest of the weekend !!!


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