Sunday, May 31

Capturing the Everyday !!

Well, I've just returned home from a walk - I'm WAY overdue to get back into the exercise mode !! As much as I Love a good breeze on a walk, I think I ingested about a pound and a half of pollen, some of which went through my eyes !! Not my season ... after the oak goes I'm sooooo much better !! Thank goodness for Allegra D !!!!!

So a few pictures of the everyday as promised ... some pics of my planters on my lovely new deck (that is now covered in pollen AGAIN) ... all the planters were done by my talented Mom and the large planter was a cool find at Home Goods for $10.00 !! Enjoy the day ... I desperately need to shower off this pollen and try to relax before the hectic work week !! TFL !!!
Deck & plantersDeck & planters (4) Deck & planters (3) Deck & planters (2) Deck & planters (1) 

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Lisa said...

Your deck looks beautiful...ready for Summer!