Friday, December 19

Snow Day !!!

So, we're up to about 8.0 " of snow now and still rising !!! I hope everyone was able to get home early from work or didn't have to be out at all today !!! My office closed at about 1:00 pm which worked out great !! We did some wrapping and I'm trying to do some scrapping, posting, editing photos, etc ...

We had a great time at the Cape this past weekend - the beach was cold, windy and BEAUTIFUL ! What is it about the beach that is rejuvenating and therapeutic - not matter what the season. The photos I took were with my point and shoot - didn't want to take my "BABY" (Canon 40d SLR) to the beach with 6 kids !! The weather was gloomy so the photos aren't great but they still represent a wonderful memory.
These were taken at Coast Guard Beach, one of the most beautiful seaside beaches of the Cape... Here is my friend Caren with proof just how cold it was !!!








This is a great view of the Beach House from the Beach ...

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