Sunday, April 5

Happy Palm Sunday !!

Happy Sunday - one more week until Easter !! Can you believe it ?

Well, it has been a quiet weekend for me - I'm in the process of FINALLY making some home improvements... updating my upstairs bathroom is a MUST - so I went to Lowe's with my good friend and neighbor to get the LOWE-down, sorry !!, on what's out there now. I got some great ideas and hopefully work will start this week !! Upgrading windows and my slider will also be done, hopefulIy, in the next few weeks. I'm so looking forward to some improvements !! 

I watched "Twilight" last night on On Demand - WOW, what an AWESOME flick !! I NEED to buy it - not often does a movie grab my attention lately but this one did !! I highly recommend it (although I'm proboably one of the few that had not seen it yet !!)
I finished a really funky page for Inspired Blueprints which will be revealed later this month. 
I have projects to work on but my mojo hasn't kicked into high gear yet ... need more coffee !!
Have a great day and thanks for checking in !!

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