Tuesday, April 6


Well, I'm getting back into the daily routine after dealing with the minor flooding situation at home. It was major for me, but minor in the grand scheme of things compared to what others have endured !! I wish everyone who has suffered the wrath of the rain the best and hope that FEMA can come through for the many vicims of Mother Nature !!

I have some SUPER EXCITING NEWS !! I recently had three of my layouts accepted by Memory Makers for their upcoming "Big Book of Scrapbook Ideas" due out in May 2011 !! I'm beyond excited !! I have many, many forms to fill out and supply lists to send in so I'm off to get started !! Just wanted to share my news with you all !! YAHOO !! Have a great week !!


Jennifer Yates said...

WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!I knew it!!! Your work totally rocks and they are so lucky to have you!!! Keep it goin' lady!! :)))

Lisa-Right at Home said...

Congratulations Lynn. It seems like everything is coming together wonderfully. So happy for you!