Friday, December 23

The work week is O V E R !!! Amen and Hallelujah ! That may sound bad but it seriously was a hellish week and I am thankful it's behind me. I'm looking forward to spending time with my family on Sunday and Monday - it's always great to see everyone, especially the kids!

The kitchen renovation plans will start to pick up after the Holidays. Cabinets will be ordered and the demo will begin - I can't even imagine the mess - but the end result will be soooooo worth it!

I wanted to share another winter canvas I did for Creative Imaginations - it's on the blog today as part of the Twelve Days to Christmas. Here's a look ...

Out for publication image
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have a wonderful, safe and happy Holiday!!!

3 comments: said...

I love your blog. I was working on a post for CI and wanted to get to know the design team and check out all the blogs.
Happy New Year!
Allie Gower

Meggiroux said...

Lynn this is just gorgeous!!!!! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

lynnef said... this is FREAKIN' gorgeous!!!