Thursday, January 5

Happy 2012!!!

I hope everyone had a fun, happy Holiday season! I spent some time with my family and friends and furry family friends!!  It is always great to have a break from work and the daily routine and just ENJOY and appreciate life. I am thankful to have a job and what that income allows me to do but I often feel like it prevents me from doing so much more ... especially crafty things. At times I find myself resenting my job and the time it robs me of. I so need to get over this because I really don't have an option as I need the benefits the job provides.

So, I'm trying to be more positive about this and accept that this is the way it has to be. I now have a few days off a month and I am hoping to make the best of those days and savor them. I want to be creative on those days - even if it's merely organizing my studio space, shooting pics, or actually gluing paper down, painting and gettin' messy! I also want to take more classes and learn more mixed media techniques and products as that has really sparked my creativity. I would LOVE to attend more crops and connect with my friends more often.

I have been busy creating this past month - projects for CHA, so I'll be able to share those soon. Thanks for listening and here's to a POSITIVELY great 2012!!

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Christi said...

I *think* you are local to me. (are you in MA?) if you are, you are welcome to attend a Crop for the Cure on March 31 in Attleboro MA. If you are interested, email me.