Monday, February 18

Great way to end a long, three day weekend!!

I'm enjoying my last day of a three day weekend having just returned from grocery shopping, putting ALL healthy food away (the shopping cart didn't even look like mine) and I'm so glad to have made some healthier food changes. I have lost - not sure how much, but I'm almost down a full size. I'm not doing the scale this time, I'm going by how my clothes fit. I can't wait to get out and walk - also not doing the gym right now, only due to finances.

I'm trying to get back into art journaling - I was stuck for a while trying things that weren't working, getting frustrated and not going back until recently. Then today I picked up my Saturday mail and found that a copy of Scrapbooking and Beyond Spring 2013 was in the mailbox. I have TWO projects in there including a layout and my first ever published canvas. My layout is springy and kinda busy ...


Here's is the 12 x 12 canvas - this was done for Splash of Color using a GORGEOUS collection called Beautiful you by Christine Adolph ...


So that was a nice ending to a snowy, windy and downright freezing weekend! Have a great week everyone and I'll be back soon with more projects.

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Jacki said...

Congrats - well deserved!!