Wednesday, September 2

Half-Way There to a LONG Weekend !!

I know I shouldn't wish the days away but I crave my time off more and more lately !! I think it's partly due to having worked close to 20 years in my professional field - which is very busy and VERY volume driven, and working full-time which really limits time off and makes me savor these long weekends even more !! I would LOVE to cut back on my work hours but finances will not allow that !! I'd love more time to work-out, socialize and scrap - not always in that order LOL !! I would love to have more time to persue photography as more than a hobby and to take photoshop classes and to travel to the Cape more ... Yet I need to remind myself to be thankful that my job is steady and that it does allow me to work on my house and have some scrappy fun and focus on my amateur photography !! (Pun intended)

So let me know what your plans are for the weekend and share any feelings on the time off  topic !! Enjoy the rest of the week as we count down to the long weekend !!

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