Thursday, March 11

New Car Owner Here !!

Well, after ALOT of deliberation and test driving I decided to take the plunge and get a NEW vehicle !! I'm excited about my choice yet concerned that I have a car payment again after YEARS of not having one !! I test drove a used Trailbalzer ... a GORGEOUS car and on the way back the car made a little noise so I opted for a new car. I got a 2010 Chevy Equinox (had to be a Chevy cuz my Dad has been part of Chevorlet for 34 years !!) The Equinox is AWESOME and fully loaded with tons of bells and whistles !! I've had it for a whole 24 hours now and I'm LOVIN' it !! My Mom took these pics of me to show my Gram !! TFL and have a great Friday !!


My new Car 4_edited 

My new Car 2_edited

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jennifer yates said...

Ha! I love it! You look so cute in your new car!!! Enjoy it! It's beautiful!:)