Tuesday, June 14

The Big Book of Scrapbook Pages

I am so psyched to have received my copy of Memory Maker's The Big Book of Scrapbook Pages today! It's been a long time coming ... I submitted several layouts last year and three of them were chosen - two of the layouts feature Joshua - I can't wait to show him!! Seriously, the book is LOADED with page ideas so check it out! Thanks for sharing this with me!


Mireille said...

Congrats!!! so totally awesome you received it.. waiting for mine... very very impatient.. think I submitted over a year ago =D

isabel said...

Congrats, love to see your layouts.
I also have one layout published but I live in France and haven't received my copy yet ???
Do you see my layout ? my name is Isabel Do Nascimento. It's a layout named "beau nageur" ????
Can't wait to receive my copy and see all the inspiration on this book.
A kiss from Paris, Lynn !!!

Lisa Webb said...

Well done Lynn... was pretty exciting.. Meeee tooooo xx
What pages are you on? I have loaned my book to my LSS so im not sure what page I am on.. I am very far to the back tho. Lisa Webb xx
Congrats luv xx
Awesomeleeee exciting isnt it.

Rochelle Spears said...

congrats! I am still waiting for my book! :)