Saturday, January 12

First week ... done!

Happy Weekend! I slept past 5:30am this morning - it's was heavenly!! It was nice to walk the dog by daylight rather than flashlight! I've been up so early I've had to wake the dog up in the morning LOL!! My first day's commute was NOT fun - a BAD accident tied traffic up for most of the morning making me a bit late but no worries from the boss as it can't be avoided! I'm loving everyone at work and I'm so relieved to be working in a team environment instead of on my own most of the time. So far I feel like I've made a good decision to leave my old job of 14 years and venture forth. It's hard to change - it's easy to stay comfortable even if it's not a good situation. I need to make adjustments but I'm so ready to!!

I'm really enjoying all the pics from CHA!! I've never been to Anaheim but it's on my list!! Can't wait for all the new goodies to hit the shelves!

Finally, I wanted to share my latest project for Right at Home. I used a 6 x 12 canvas but created my project in a landscape format. Here's a look and for details and close-ups you can check out the blog link above ...


Thanks for looking and have a great weekend!

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Kathy Skou said...

LOVE it! Glad you survived the first week!