Monday, October 13

Back From Creative Photography Retreat !!!

Happy Columbus day to everyone !!! I hope many of you have the day off to relax, scrap, shoot pictures or do whatever makes you happy !!

This weekend at CPR - Stamford was AMAZING !! The talent of the speakers was awe inspiring and most definitely inspirational ! The photoshop classes were great and just what I needed to take my photo-editing to the next level - (I'm a little behind in that department ... ) Jessica Sprague ROCKS when it comes to photoshop. The photographers all had there own unique style but were all exceptional in their abilities. The creative uses of flash in photography are infinite and I loved the style of Matt Adcock and his use of flash to create an artistic flare to his work. You can see his amazing work on his website and his blog - it's worth checking out !!! Candice Stringham was also wonderful and informative with her discussions on the relationship of light in photography.

As you can tell I could go on forever ... if CPR returns anywhere local I HIGHLY recommend it and I would go again in FLASH !! (sorry)

After recovering from CPR, I finally completed a layout for Got Sketch Express. This is a self-paced site that provides a sketch a week for 8 weeks. It is great inspiration and I encourage you to check it out ...


Have a wonderful weekend - I'm off to attempt to organize my photos and continue to absorb the information from the weekend so I can put it into practice !!! Bye for now !!!

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candice said...

I'm so glad that you liked the event and the class! You made my day! Thanks!