Thursday, October 30

The night before Halloween ...

  So, it's getting COLDER !! A generous amount of frost was on the car this morning. There's no denying - winter is approaching !! I can't believe this Saturday will be November already ... YIKES !! 

  Jim and I will be accompanying Joshie and Lilly tomorrow night for some Halloween FUN !!! Lilly is going to be Raggedy Ann and Joshie will be Spiderman !! How cute !! I can't wait to see how much fun they'll have !!

  I just finished another sketch from Got Sketch Express . This sketch was so much fun !! I really love mulit-photo layouts !!  Thanks Janna and Valerie for keeping the inspiration flowing !!


  Remember to turn the clocks BACK this weekend !! More sleep - YEAH !!!

  Hope you have a Spooky Night tomorrow and enjoy the fun (and chocolate) of Halloween !!!


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