Wednesday, June 10

All in the name of PROGRESS !!

So, here's my new way of saving time in the morning ... Just KIDDING !!! It was a little challenging taking a shower this morning with this in the way though !! All in the name of PROGRESS !!

Bathroom redo (3)  The floor is coming along - I'm in LOVE with these tiles - it'll really makes the room POP !! Hopefully, grout tomorrow and maybe some electrical work and more painting over the weekend !! Decided to upgrade the toilet - might as well !! Was thinking about an elevated, elongated style - anyone have any thoughts ?? Still waiting for the faucet and accessories to arrive - they are GORGEOUS !! oil-rubbed bronze finish ... good thing I don't have a spa tub- I'd never leave !! I'll keep you posted as the updates continue !! Here's the tiles ... Picture a white vanity atop these gorgeous tiles - it'll be a great contrast !! Have a great rest of the week !! 
  Bathroom redo

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