Saturday, June 6

Finally ..... Progress !!!!!

YEAH !! Progress has been made !!!

Today, the vanity & medicine cabinet were removed, the ceiling was retexturized, holes and cracks were patched and caulked and I'm psyched - and tired !! So, the bathroom went from this: 

P1030770 Old vanity
Bathroom project                                                                         To this:
The bathroom hasn't been updated since I moved in 13 years ago as is evident !! It was SO MUCH FUN taking the vanity and medicine cabinet  out and getting rid of them !!! (I realize you can't see the vanity well but it's the same wood as the medicine cabinet above. The new vanity is larger, white and will have a gorgeous granite countertop with oil-rubbed bronze finished faucet, lighting and fixtures !! The tile will be porcelin and the mirror is a cool find from Home Goods !! I'll keep you posted as updates continue !!
Enjoy the rest of the weekend !! BYE !!

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