Thursday, July 4

Happy Fourth and a class ...

Happy Fourth to everyone!! As I am typing it's 10:00 am and already 85 degrees so since I'm nowhere near a pond, lake or ocean, I am in the AC in my studio! I have been less of a sun bum lately - less tolerant of the heat and more aware of the sun's negative effects. I was such a sun worshiper when I was younger and I hope that doesn't catch up to me. Wow, I just sounded old there LOL!!!

I have recently completed a canvas that finishes up a series I have been working on since last year. The canvas will be taught this Sunday July 7th at 12:15pm at Right at Home Scrapbooking - there are still spots open if you are in the area and need a break from the heat. You can reserve a spot in class by calling this number ... 508-695-9290.

The series of 10 x 10 deep edged canvases represent the seasons and before I show the summer canvas I wanted to share the past canvases. It all started in the fall ...


We used lots of fun mixed media products and played with UTEE for the leaves on the pumpkin. We used sewing patterns for the background and edged the canvas with glass beads. Then, winter rolled around ...


Tearing, inking and rolling the papers used to create the tree required a LOT of patience - but the class loved the end result! I especially like the birdprints in the snow! Then came Spring - the best season in my opinion! I feel like Spring is a reward for making it through a New England Winter!!


The emphasis was paint on this canvas. The favorite part was "flicking" paint on the project at the end ... it's like icing on a cake! We also "Painted" with Perfect Pearls Mist - great for adding shimmer with more control!

So, that leaves summer - the last in the series. I had so many ideas and finally came up with this ... this one is my favorite (but I think I've said that after each one!) We will be using the latest MFT stamps and stencils as well as paint and glass beads...


Here's a close-up of the sun's center on the photo below to see the texture and detail ...


 So, come join me if you can - it will be fun to play and get messy and take a break from the heat!!

Have a safe and happy Fourth of July and I'll be back soon with more projects!!


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