Tuesday, April 26

Slowly Getting Back in the Groove

Hi Everyone.
I've been away from the blog a bit as I recuperate from hip replacement surgery - every time I type or write that I feel so old! I know lots of people younger than me that have had this surgery but it still makes me feel old!!! Everything is going well - lots of good days, only a few tougher days. The pain is minimal, just uncomfortable - the incision line is right where I sit, so getting comfortable is always a challenge. I felt so much better immediately after the surgery - that's how much pain I was in before. I'm now 2 weeks post-op and doing well. I'm looking forward to getting in better shape and stronger as soon as I can get to the gym. I've had lots of positive support and canine therapy which has made the recoup process easier. I'm almost done with my Lovonex injections (a blood thinner) and I actually enjoy physical therapy - it feels great once it's over!! So, that's what I've been up too these past few weeks!!
I've been away from the studio so I've been dabbling in my planners - journaling my surgery process. I haven't created anything and I'm anxious to get back! I have lots to create once I return home and I WILL get back to posting my projects soon! 
I wanted to show you the doll tags I've made so far with this year's Simon Says Stamp Card Kits. My goal is to make one each month from the awesome card kits!!!!! Here's the three I've made so far ...
January Simon Says Stamp Card Kit Doll Tag - more details here.
February Simon Says Stamp Card Kit - more details here.
March Simon Says Stamp Card Kit - more details here.
These tags are so much fun to create and it will be nice to have one for each month this year. 
I'll be back in the studio soon - hope you are all doing well!! 


Phyllis said...

These tags are adorable

Cindy Groh said...

These ladies look so classy and maybe a little bit sassy. Awesome tags,

Lynn K said...

Thank you Phyllis and Cindy! So Glad you stopped by!