Sunday, December 1

Project Life: Week 48

Happy Sunday to you all! I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving. I had a great day with family in Rockland, Ma. The food was AWESOME, the company was great, the kids were well behaved and the boxer puppy was energetic but very well mannered!! I missed my Gram but she was with us in spirit!

I personally did not participate in the Black Friday madness - not my thing but I hope those that did had fun and scored some great deals!!! I did however support Small Business Saturday in my own small way by visiting my local scrapbook store Right at Home Scrapbooking. They are in the process of moving and the new locale is soooooo pretty and bright and the classroom is perfect.

So, onto Project Life. Wow - week 48! Only four more weeks left in 2013 - it's hard to believe. I started the PL process in August of this year - I'm always late to start most things! I am surprised how much I have enjoyed the process and love looking back on what I've created. Like anything, I have pages that I love and some ...  not so much, but they all document my life at that moment and that's what it's all about! This week I used Maggie Holmes "Flea Market " again - I can't seem to get enough of this kit!! I used photo pocket page Design B. Here's the entire page ...


The title card ... it was soooo cold and windy last Sunday, while the week before we had a 66 degree day - typical New England!!


The date stamp - I have a "thing" for these! This one is a Dear Lizzy stamp that has days of the week, dates and sayings ... LOVE these, as you can see ...


Now, a new door may not seem like a big deal. However, I have been in my house for 17 years and my old steel door was so cold in the winter, and so hot in the summer and the insulation was gone so you could feel the cold air coming in during the winter months. So, this new fiberglass door, fully insulated and updated means so much to me - you have no idea!!



The white alpha stickers are Basic Grey. Of course, there has to be a turkey photo this week ...


and, NO I did not cook this lovely bird which will surprise, um, no one that knows me!!

A new rug isn't a real big deal either, right?!? Well, when I had my first floor renovated over a year ago, the flooring in the living room was elevated to the point that the front door was so close to the floor that I couldn't get a rug under it. With a big dog and New England weather, I really missed having a rug there. So, I begged the door guy to PLEASE allow for a rug under new door. He said it probaly wouldn't work - several times - and then when he was done, he had fixed it so it would fit!!! THANK YOU MIKE!!!


No, that's not me with the shopping bags, just a really cute and colorful Black Friday screen shot. Isn't the date stamp the cutest ...


Typo alert ... it has been fixed but I didn't see the point in reshooting ... (now you will want to read this LOL!!)


Well, that's week 48, Thanks for letting me share - it's not a super exciting life, but it's mine and it's fun to share the everyday. For the month of December I'm going to feature a Holiday themed collection each week. It's a great way to use the papers and change it up a bit. Stay tuned and HAPPY DECEMBER!!

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Hi Lynn! Love your blog and the fabulous pictures you post, but I especially love that you're doing Project Life and enjoying it. Being single, I guess I thought it would be a waste for me to do PL... I mean, really, what on earth would I want to memorialize at this stage of my life? You've made me see this in a whole new light. I think I would like to try it but don't know if I could journal AND do PL. Thanks for inspiration!