Thursday, May 1

Because I'm Happy!!

"Happy" is the perfect song for today! I have two exciting events I've wanted to share and today I can spill one of them! I am being featured today over on the
Mixed Media May '14 blog.
The blog is An Annual Celebration of Mixed Media Artists. During the month of May a different mixed media artist is highlighted through interview questions and pictures of their work. When Cindy Jones Lantier approached me back in March, I was surprised and excited. I guess I never considered myself good enough to be called an "artist", never mind a mixed media artist. As I was going through my mixed media projects I wanted featured, I felt proud of what I've created - how I've learned and grown. It rekindled my desire to create more and continue to learn about new products and how they work together. I thank Cindy for featuring me. It's truly an honor.
Please stop by the Mixed Media May '14 blog daily during the month of May to see the talent chosen and help celebrate the art of mixed media!! Thanks so much for letting me share this with you!


Phyllis said...

I knew you had talent, you are indeed an artist. Loved the interview and your selection of your creations

Donna said...

So happy for you and of course you are an artist!! Congrats on features well deserved!

Marilyn Healey said...

Awesome Lynn! Congrats!! Your work is always beautiful!