Monday, September 16

A Great weekend and Project Life - Week 37

How is it Monday again already? The weekend is WAY TOO SHORT. I had a great Saturday though. I learned how to change my own backup light - with some major help from my Dad. It only cost $7.50 to do it ourselves! Way cool,eh?! Then my Mom and I went to get some Mums - I shared most of those photos on FB already. Then, we went to Jakes's in Hull, Ma. - a great seafood place on the water across from Paragon Park at Nantasket Beach. There's very little of Paragon Park left but the Carousel remains intact and working. I will definitely be creating some layouts with the photos I took of the historic carousel horses. I'm actually working on one now!

I finished my PL page for week 37 and here's the page with some close-ups ..


My title page includes a very old transparency pocket from Creative Imaginations ...


Gotta love a weather screen shot!


My day in Hull was the highlight of my week, but this LOVELY vintage typewriter takes a very close second! I even found a restoration place so I can get it in tip top shape!



It has been 12 years since Sept. 11th. This week has been a reflective one as well and I still think of the senseless losses and tremendous effect this day has had on all of us ...


Have a great week and see you soon! Thanks for stopping by!

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