Monday, October 7

Project Life: Week 40

Well, PL Week 40 has been done but waiting for the rain to stop long enough to photograph has been challenging. So, inbetween the rain I ran out to shoot some pics. It's also windy so I had to tape my PL cards down, put a trash bag under my foam board and shoot will notice same raindrops on a few pics!! This week I used my Becky Higgins "Honey Core Kit" and went with a red/pink theme. The page protector is Design F. There is more journaling than photos this week and I broke out the sewing machine on this page. My vintage typewriter is in the shop getting restored so the journaling is hand written this week. Here's the whole page ...


Here's some close-ups ... The hanger fell down on the title page .. oops


Yes, more TV Premiere's and Revenge is another FAV ... and a new show to follow called Betrayal is also quite juicy!!


I split the photo on this section ... and used a doily ...I kinda have a thing for doilies!


There's those raindrop I was referring to ...


Finally, the week ended with my Birthday ... I had a nice Brunch with my Family and a relaxing day in the studio. So, thanks for stopping by and I hope you Week 41 is a great one!!


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